Yes, one must demonstrate a professional modeling career by registering with a professional modeling agency and doing at least two professional walks in a reputable fashion show.
The minimum height requirement is 172 cm (5’8) without heels.

The following medical tests should be performed by the Models:

Pulmonary function examination

Lung volume Spirometry DLCO

Challenge test for hypoxia


Other medical tests include 

  1. Pulse Oximetry
  2. Hemoglobin Level
  3. Chest x-ray, and, most crucially, a history of high-altitude travel and serious altitude-related occurrences in the past.
  4. HCG Pregnancy Test – ‘SHOULD BE NEGATIVE’
  5. HIV testing

The models will be chosen by examining the medical reports based on the above-mentioned exams.

The Mentor will choose the ‘Physically Fit’ models to trek and walk on the Mt Everest Fashion Runway.

After being chosen, you must get your own insurance before leaving your home country, as insurance rules vary from country to country and may not be valid in the Mt Everest Region for any emergency evacuation.

The suggested Everest Trek Insurance is for a 6,000-meter ascent and should cover altitude sickness, trekking accidents, illness, and medical evacuation, as well as luggage loss/theft.

No, you are not permitted to promote any brand at any time throughout the walk or the main event. If you have any promotional plans for any brand, you must discuss with The Mt Everest Fashion Runway’s brand manager.

You might be disqualified and banished from the program. According to local customary law, you may be required to pay a penalty for the same.

Yes, you will receive all of the information in writing prior to the event. To get the gravity of the journey landscape, you must READ EVERY SINGLE WORD.

The selected models will be given a list of items; they must follow the list and MUST NOT FORGET anything on the list. Even after arriving in Kathmandu, the Models have the opportunity to purchase the essential things if they are not available in their home country.

Each model will be given a local SIM card in order to stay connected to the outside world. In the case of heavy utilization, the models must recharge the sim card themselves depending on their own usage.

Throughout the journey, a team of fully trained doctors is on hand to provide medical services. In the event of an emergency, the physicians will recommend and coordinate the best options for you. (We recommend that you insure yourself with an insurance provider that insures you and your health over 6000 meters of elevation.)

If you are fortunate enough to be chosen for the reality show, you must sign an exclusive contract with the creators of the Mt Everest Fashion Runway reality show, K Films & Me2 Films. After the last audition, the contract is signed in Kathmandu.

Because the title is yours till the next season, you get half of the prize money within 30 days of the title announcement in your official bank account, and the other half is distributed once you crown the title-winning model in the next season. The money will be taxed in accordance with local and international taxes regulations.

In the same event, he or she might apply in the 'Super Audience' category. If the individual provides a reference letter signed by you, he or she will be granted consideration.

It is not assured that the person accompanying you will be in the same trekking group as you. Your companion's lodging will be separate from yours for the rest of the trek.


The management team of the Mt Everest Fashion Runway, as well as K Films and Me2 Films, will take no responsibility in such a circumstance.

We endeavour to really be cognizant of your food habits and organize the meals in accordance with them. You may not get your preferred meals, but the food served to the group is healthful and hygienic.

Our medical team is always prepared to provide extra oxygen. In any event, the oxygen is there for you. However, the physicians will decide whether you can continue trekking to a greater altitude or if you should be sent back to Lukla ending your adventure before the final event.

This may mean abandoning the entire journey and stepping on the world's highest ramp.

We hire the tea houses that have been pre-booked for you on the trek. To make your journey comfortable and luxurious, we use the greatest amenities available along the route. You have the option of selecting your roommate (OPPOSITE GENDER ARE NOT ALLOWED). If you and your roommate disagree on any issue, you may have to change your roommate.

Let's talk about how we can promote sustainability in the fashion sector.